National History

foundingmothersOn March 9, 1995, seven courageous young women at Binghamton University set forth to establish an organization that represented their values and ideals of Asian-American culture – Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

These young women, Elizabeth Choi, Karen Eng, Rei Hirasawa, Hee Cho Moon, Chae Yoo Park, Samantha Somchanhmavong, and Connie Yang, envisioned a sorority that would encompass values such as sisterhood, community service, and cultural diversity. With these values instilled, Kappa Phi Lambda has now expanded to 29 colleges and universities, and is undoubtedly still growing at an amazing rate.

The sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority are made up of a medley of different races and welcomes anyone of non-Asian ethnicity. The sorority’s goal is to share its values with anyone who believes in the same ventures it strives for. With emphasis on the importance of academic excellence, sisterly bonds, and Asian-awareness, Kappa Phi Lambda has and will successfully leave behind a legacy of eternal sisterhood that its seven founding mothers worked so hard to achieve.


Alpha Gamma Chapter History


It all began when seven motivated young women, Shirley Luong, Jaclyn Nguyen, Jocelyn Lo, Erica Hui, Victoria Thai, Sunny Ruy, and Christine Su, came together to charter Kappa Phi Lambda in Texas, being the first school to expand the sisterhood towards the west. They had a PASSION for learning as well as educating others about the plethora of cultures the world has to offer.

Their aspirations for the university were made possible by the discovery of Kappa Phi Lambda, whose pillars of Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity exemplify everything they were searching for. What started as a big dream suddenly became tangible, as they journeyed forth into the ultimate experience of a lifetime. With their dedication and the guidance of Emily Tu *Tremble* and Boni Wen *Carbon*, the experience of chartering arose a bond between them that can never be broken, which will aid in the next step of building a strong foundation at UT. Kappa Phi Lambda was officially established at The University of Texas at Austin on November 21, 2009. They found in Kappa Phi Lambda the eternal and unbreakable bond of sisterhood spread across the nation that they had never seen before; one they now experience for themselves and hope to share with future UT Sisters. Our chapter’s passion has been recognized as we have been voted the Most Outstanding Organization under the Texas Asian Panhellenic Council for three semesters in a row.