UT Kappas Present: Limitless | Rush Xi Class, Spring 2017


The sisters of the Kappa Phi Lambda Inc. at the Alpha Gamma Chapter would like to cordially invite you to our Spring 2017 Rush! Come join us and unlock your potential, push limits, discover how much you can achieve, and see if Kappa Phi Lambda is the perfect fit for you! Together, we can be limitless.

Kappa Phi Lambda is an Asian-interest, but not Asian-exclusive, sorority valuing sisterhood, service and cultural diversity. As sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda, we strive for academic excellence while making a positive impact on our campus and community.

Kappa Phi Lambda Inc. currently consists of 28 chapters and colonies located on campuses all across the nation. With over 2,500 sisters, we are one of the fastest-growing and most passionate Asian-American interest sororities in the United States! Our eternal sisterhood makes us one family, whenever and wherever that may be.


Rush is a fun, two-week series of events where you will have the chance to meet the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda and learn about what our sorority stands for. Our Rush Schedule is jam packed with events that will bring out your creativity, treat you to delicious food, and allow you to meet new people in a friendly and open environment! Rush events are non-binding and ALWAYS FREE! And of course, rides are always provided!



⥤ DEFINE NOW — Informal General Interest Meeting
Tuesday, January 24 @ 7 PM || Gregory Games Room
Come meet our sisters and learn about our sisterhood! Compete in casual games and win prizes.

⥤ FIND YOURSELF — Cultural Event with BXO
Wednesday, January 25 @ 7:30 PM || GSB 2.122 (McComb’s Building)
Ballin? More like rice ballin’! Come make and eat rice balls with us and the brothers of Beta Chi Theta.

⥤ MIND OVER MATTER — Service Event
Friday, January 27 @ 7:30 PM || UTC 1.146
Help us make sock dolls to donate to Austin Children’s Shelter!

⥤ MAKE YOUR MARK — Formal General Interest Meeting
Monday, January 30 @ 7:30 PM || UTC 1.146
If you couldn’t make it to our first GIM, come learn about our sisterhood and pillars!

Tuesday, January 31 @ 7:30 PM || UTC 1.144
Come unlock your creative potential through calligraphy!

Wednesday, February 1 @ 7:00 PM || SAC Auditorium
Learn about the organizations of TAPC and come find us and see our sisters perform!

⥤ NEW HORIZONS — Sisterhood Dinner
Thursday, February 2 @ 7:30 PM || SAC Ballroom
Dinner will be provided, from us to you! Dress in your Sunday’s best and enjoy this last event as we wrap up Rush!



In order to qualify for a bid, the attendance of 1 GIM, 1 Cultural, 1 Sisterhood/Service, an interview is required. Submit your application to http://www.kpltexas.com/



If you have any questions or need transportation to any of our events, please feel free to contact any of our active sisters or our rush chairs:

Anjie Liang
(214) 223 – 3474

Gabrielle Ordinario
(832) 729 – 0547

Minnie Choi
(737) 333 – 6292


UT Kappas Present: Limitless | Rush Xi Class, Spring 2017