Individually unique and together complete, our Sisterhood is the thread that ties us to each other. Passionately driven toward a shared vision, we constantly challenge each other to become the better leaders of tomorrow.¬†Through the best and worst of times, we can count on one another for support no matter how long we’ve been apart. From Texas to New York to Korea to Hong Kong, we have loving Sisters whom we all share a deep bond with.¬†With over 3,000 sisters, there’s always places to travel and people to visit.

Every semester, we host Passionate Fling where we are able to have fun and take a break from school. In the past, we have gone ice skating, tubing in San Marcos, and swimming at Son’s Island. Sisterhood Retreat is held at the end of every semester with sisters going to a cabin for a night to play games, watch movies, and have giant hot pot dinners. When January comes, sisters fly to New York for our annual January Conference to meet other sisters nationwide and bond over the numerous good food spots.


There’s no Sisterhood like a KAPPA SISTERHOOD!