Matchless Mus

We are so excited to showcase our newest sisters! Congratulations to our Matchless Mus on an amazing performance, and many thanks to everyone who came out to support our newest sisters at their class reveal!

Huge congrats to our Spring 2016 class and their bigs:

#94 Diane Nguyen *PLEIONE* || Diana Truong *AURIGA*
#95 Glaiza Mae Docor *Chambéry* || Michelle Pham *Volnay*
#96 Diane Chau *Tangence* || Gloria Lee *Tangled*
#97 Jamie Calamlam *Electrify* || Michell Nguyen *Rejuvenate*
#98 Jenny Nguyen *Confidant* || Lilan Nguyen *Allegiant*
#99 Emily Wong *Tymella* || Nina Hua *Timepiece*
#100 Dominique Ee *Tantivy* || Gloria Lee *Tangled*
#101 My Nguyen *Cinematic* || Jean Wong *Temptréss*
#102 Minnie Choi *Lykan* || Felicia Woo *Maybach*
#103 Mina Seo *Reginal* || Emily Leigh *Retaliate*
#104 An Kieu *Sonder* || Faith Trevino *Alight*
#105 Lucy Ton *Nephelê* || Angeline Tram *Édaín*
#106 Anjie Liang *IRINIA* || Cynthia Yi *UNTOLD*

We are so proud of you girls, and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things the future holds for you! Welcome to a timeless sisterhood! Also congratulations to their beautiful mommies, #58 Grace Ye *Santenay* and #59 Tieulam Thai *Steorra*! It’s been a long semester, but congrats on birthing 13 beautiful girls (‘:


Matchless Mus